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Manish Shetty

  • Research Fellow, Microsoft Research India
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Hi!👋Here is a little something about myself. I'm a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research - India where I am fortunate to work with Chetan Bansal on using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Software Engineering. I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Nachi Nagappan & Dr. Tom Zimmermann.

Previously, I graduated 🎓with a B.Tech(Hons.) in Computer Science and Engineering (specialization in Data Science) from PES University, Bangalore, India in 2020. I am grateful to have been advised by Dr. Gowri Srinivasa.

I enjoy physics, psychology, space programs, plant/animal scientific names, and the twists & turns of nature. When I am not working, I like to read books, play basketball, and take pictures of skies. My Erdös Number is 4!

Research Interests

My research concerns a broad range of domains for Machine Learning methods, including Natural Language Processing, Software Engineering, and Systems. I'm currently working on structured knowledge extraction for Software Engineering @ MSR.
Machine Learning & NLProc Software Engineering & Systems
Extraction and representation of language, information, and knowledge for automated reasoning and inference.
#IE  #NLProc  #KDD 
Fusion of ML and Systems, and building data-driven systems systems that aid software development processes.
#ML4SE  #MLSys  #AIOps

A parallel line of thought – Humans have the ability to learn and capture new concepts, ideas, and skills quickly and effectively. We use knowledge learnt from one task to learn decisions for others. We also effectively process weak, noisy, and complex real world stimuli. A long term goal and a parallel line of thought throughout my research is to build AI systems that can do the same. Some interesting related research orbits that I'm and/or would like to explore are -- Multi-task Learning (SoftNER), Weak/Distant Supervision (SoftNER), Knowledge Graphs, and Meta Learning (coming soon ..).

If you'd like to collaborate, chat with me about AI, or just know about research in general, feel free to drop me an email.

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